Can You Write When You Are Uninspired?

I read an “inspiring” blog post about writing when you are feeling uninspired, by Cheryl Renee Herbsman, where she describes attending her writer’s group and after being given a writing prompt (for a free-writing exercise, boy do I remember those!), she felt disappointed in the prompt, so much so she sat there and did not feel like writing anything.

But she hung in there and eventually started writing… and to make a long (or short) story short, she ended up writing a nice piece she was proud of! (You can read her post here.)

photo by Jirard Xchng

I have had similar experiences when I know I have to write a blog post or two: I sometimes sit and stare at my Laptop, uninspired. But if I can just hang in there a little longer, even if I just write a sentence or two, or jot down an idea, eventually, I can get the job done. Because, isn’t writing a job? No? but it often feels like one!

Other times it helps to get inspired by reading another blogger’s post or posts (like Cheryl’s!). I try to do that with this writing blog, because sitting down to write can be one of the hardest jobs possible! And yet, when it flows from your fingertips onto the page or your computer screen, the feeling is wonderful! Is it not?

So hang in there my fellow bloggers and writers! It’s normal to feel stuck! Just try persist a little bit longer, then longer still! (Maybe have a cup of coffee or a glass of wine while you’re waiting for that inspiration to come along!)

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2 thoughts on “Can You Write When You Are Uninspired?

  1. No,I can't write when I am not inspired.But how about considering a scenario like this:my mind is having a rush of words i.e line of thoughts but somebody is demanding for milk and snacks,and a long list of to do's on my head too.finally at the end of the day(or the beginning of a new day?)when I sat down,I don't even have energy to look at my Laptop..

  2. This is so very true. Sometimes its hard to be inspired but then I turn to some of my favourite bloggers and read through some of their awesome posts and it motivates me to write, write, write.

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